Monday, March 9, 2015

Hairloss Is Vanishing! White Paper

My Clients' hairloss are vanishing! I repeat clearly: the majority of my clients' who had come in with extremely thin hair to the point of baldness are growing their hair back, have 'graduated'- wearing 'fro's and that sort of thing. This is a White Paper on how grew a lady's hair back.

So do you suffer from hairloss or know someone suffering unnecessarily from this stigma? What are you doing with your life? Have you struck any milestones, achieved a certain level of growth, are happy with where your hair is at the moment? Well what are you waiting for? Run, don't walk to see Kaale today! Call: (609)213-7985 tout de suite! Yes I do know a little French and I am appealing to all ladies of all nationalities and of all races to please give your hair a chance before you completely GIVE UP on your hair!

Years ago one of my 'graduated' clients was referred to me by a friend but during the phone consultation she would not inform me of her exact condition. When she arrived for her in-person consultation with the potential to get her hair done the same day would not remove her scarf. She gingerly removed the scarf with a little coaxing and I have to say I was not ready for what I saw. This nice lady was so unhappy with what her hair had become from the front crown area almost all the way down to the nape of the head: completely bald. Watch the basics on how I grew hair on bald spots:

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