Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pros and Cons of Treebraids- Howcast Response Video

Treebraids hair extensions are the number one sought after style of women all over the world. Black women, Spanish women, some Caucasian women. No wait- no Asian women yet...but I could eat my words tomorrow! Some PROS of Treebraids:

1) Natural hair ok- any texture hair is fine- no need to texturize hair prior to treebraiding style.

2) Bald spots? What bald spots- treebraids are like an Xterra- it goes over a road it must travel leaving the competition behind and says to them: "eat my dust!" (No affiliation to Nissan Corporation). A MALE PATTERN BALDNESS and/or WOMEN PATTERN BALDNESS sufferer's savior!

3) Treebraids are the FASTEST way to a natural, ouchless beautiful hair extensions.

4) Thinning hair? What thinning hair? Treebraids strands of hair replace existing hair. A HAIR REPLACEMENT technique!

5) Short hair? What short hair? Treebraids hair replacement technique takes over the situation, replacing own hair with hair as long as you please and says: "I got this!" Not talking a buzz cut though.

6) Maintenance treatments are a breeze- a treebraids wearer has direct access to their scalp!

7) Removal time- quick and painless.

8) No accidental cutting of your own hair trying to remove stitching from sewins.

9) Corporate America where you work is a zombie to non-braid styles? What braid styles? They won't even know the difference hehe! Watch this: "Is that your hair?" You say: "Yes" and in your mind you add: "I bought it!".

10)Treebraids grows hair. Ahh..see...I saved the second best for last. Enjoy!

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