Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Skinny Ghana Twists Advanced No Flyaways Howto on Fine Hair

I believe it is important to include African hair braiding styles with regular hair extension styles that have been proven to camouflage hairloss, and that also promote healthy hair growth. One style in particular is skinny Ghana Senegalese Twists. Hair was cut into 6 pieces, feathered and used for the lower half. The Xpressions hair was feathered and quartered for the crown area to ensure the twists would be able to extend towards all the other tips or at least close to. The most important three things to notice are 1) how silky the rope-like the Senegalese twists are, 2) how flyaway free the twists are, and 3) the low hair density- regardless Kaale (I) was still able to fill in the 'holes' in the back of the clients head. So it is possible to give the client what they want, we just have to be more creative to achieve the desired result. Here is a link to the advanced 'no flyaways' twisting technique youtube video: BRAIDS TRAINING- SKINNY GHANA TWISTS ON FINE HAIR: Content: We decided not to curl the ends. However if you decide to do so, use skinny curling rods, or wind it around approx. 10 twists about 6 inches from the tip of the twists. Make sure to secure by winding in one spot about 7 times, then leave 2" from that spot and wind it around the 10 twists below that. Continue until tips are reached, then pull hard on the loose expression hair- it will create a bantu knot at the tip of the 10 twists. Tie once or twice with the remaining loose expressions hair. Repeat this process until all the twists have bantu knots and the ends. This is how skinny twists with Xpressions hair looks like. Call for an appointment- we also travel plus mileage: (609)213-7985. Thank you so much for watching!

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