Friday, September 27, 2013

Before and After Non Surgical Hairloss Solutions- REVERSE Thinning, Bald Spots

Hi ladies, I updated the non surgical hairloss solutions post, however it is such an important topic that it deserves another post altogether.

There are so many solutions within my arsenal of hair extensions techniques including those that are proprietary, to serve you, ladies. You will be well taken care of as no other hairdresser with non surgical hairloss solutions techniques that were patent pending can serve you better, or frankly, care more about your journey to a full head of hair. Yes, that's right- a full head of hair. The journey is well worth it. Because unlike other solutions out there, you do not have the burden of creams and serums running down your face and back, on your pillow, on your clothes. Nothing at all to embarass you at all. Your husband or significant other will not need to see your bald spot ever again!

Before Your Appointment:

  • wash and condition your hair. That's it. Our non surgical hairloss solutions team will do the rest.
  • we will examine your scalp for anything we may believe would be noteable to you. You will know for example if there is a mole on your scalp, any redness, and more importantly, if there is nothing to report.
  • gentle scalp massage for a few minutes to prepare scalp before installation of style.
  • upon completion of your style, regimen for your hair and scalp will be provided.
  • should you wish, such instructions will be available to you via a link on one of our websites.
  • the best quality hair is available to purchase. Ensures no tangling or matting, so that no further distress to your scalp and remaining hair will occurr.

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