Saturday, May 1, 2010

BUY TreeBraids by Kaale In NJ, PA, NY - The New IT Styles

Treebraids (also spelled Tree Braids) are the new IT GIRL hair extensions. Treebraids are a hair extension technique that give a woman the best of both worlds- cornrowing your natural hair while inserting strands of commercial hair extensions- all done in one step, instead of two. Your own hair is cocooned within a braid- protected, so it can grow. Tree Braids can also be installed in a plait- box braid or microbraid size, braided to the end of your hair and secured.

So how do treebraids compare to other hair styles- instead of a weave or even strand by strand styles? Treebraids are also a hair replacement technique: all of your own hair is braided into the preferred format: individual treebraids, or cornrow treebraids. The commercial hair or extensions is left out of the cornrows or braids, as preferred by you, along the length of the braid. This loose hair cascades downward in a very flattering loosely hanging manner, and at Kaales- professional looking hair.

With Treebraids by Kaale, your treebraids are flawlessly implemented, and we listen to you. If you do not want your cornrows to show, we have the perfect solution- a choice of southern treebraids with hair and installation that will ensure no braids show. If you prefer to part your hair with no cornrows showing, then our signature invisible part will be installed for you. If you want your cornrows to show, then that's how we will install your treebraids. Treebraids are the most natural braiding and weaving method because there are no chemicals added- no need to first relax your hair prior to treebraiding client's hair. No heat is required to "straighten" your hair. No damage results, for happy hair and scalp. for the client- less stress, no pulling and tugging: the perfect environment to grow hair. Your own hair gets a fighting chance to 'exhale', breathe, and grow!

Here are links to samples of my treebraids work:

  • * Treebraids protects your natural hair from breakage and damage, because none of your own hair shows, only the commercial hair is left hanging out.
  • * Treebraids take approximately 2-5 hours to install, depending on the style and look desired.
  • * TREEBRAIDS BY KAALE lasts longer than most braiders because the cornrows rotations are accurately formed, and not too tight at the scalp.
  • * Best of all Kaales treebraids turns heads- both men and women are amazed at the beautiful, professional results Kaale can achieve for women!
  • * Remember, treebraids last especially longer when they are braided smaller. Kaales Mediumsmall treebraids last approximately 2 months, longer with individuals in front:
  • * Kaales Small treebraids last even longer- approximately 2-3 months, longer with individuals in front
  • Here are more links to samples of my treebraids work:
  • * Custom hair designers and treebraiders that solve hair problems, and take care of you the whole person, typically have their own websites and pay taxes- a real business. They are in it for the long haul. They provide knowledge and information to their clients: how to maintain their hair and scalp, how to maintain treebraids, and generally the customer leaves with a big smile, and more confidence than when they walked in. If this is what you want, you are at the right place- Treebraids by Kaale.
  • * Treebraids by Kaale has a hair loss service for women suffering from male pattern baldness and lost hair edges. We can recreate your edges with our new technique that is closely guarded- a new business opportunity for you. Ventures welcome.
  • * Look HOT and sexy like Jill Scott with her new do- a derivative of Treebraids (TREE BRAIDS): half cornrows and only half treebraids, too, just another option

Prefer individual treebraids? Here is a link to samples of my individual treebraids work:


Watch my new youtube videos- more informative, detailed:

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